Ban Laptops from the Classroom or Die Trying

Ban Laptops from the Classroom or Die Trying

Ever sit in front of your computer for so long it feels like your brain is bleeding? According to *, looking at your computer screen for extended periods of time you are more likely to DIE SOONER!! If you are like millions of other people (myself included), you are definitely guilty of binge watching Game of Thrones, spending all day on Amazon prime, or scrolling through your emotionally attached social media.


  1. Limit your Facebook-ing to an after-class hobby... or, not at all.
  2. Reduce Netflix-n’Chillen’ to nights or weekends.
  3. Resist the constant urge to check your texts. Your crush can wait.  

A Cornell University experiment, published in *The New Yorker, titled, ‘The Laptop and Lecture’, studied a class of students that took notes using laptops, while the other half did not. Dying to know the results? (Literally). The study showed that the students who had not used their laptops performed better when quizzed on the  material than those who used laptops. Bet you didn’t see that coming! This has motivated teachers to ban laptops or wifi usage in their classrooms.

Student efficiency is highly affected by unhealthy digital habits during class, work, and “studying” in the library. But don't worry, there's hope -

Rocketbook is the solution that bridges technology and note-taking. It allows students to focus in the classroom by taking written notes and engaging without distractions. Just because you may not have your laptop with you, does not mean you or your technology have to die in the classroom!


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