Best Notebooks for Lefties

Best Notebooks for Lefties

We decided to give all you lefties out there a helpful hand by introducing you to the best notebooks for left-handers. We’ve got to hand it to you left-handed folks — you put up with a lot! From snipping with scissors and swiping credit cards to reading blogs with too many hand puns, left-handed folks are constantly forced to adapt to a right-handed world. 

In spite of neverending daily obstacles (or perhaps because of them), lefties have proven to be a tenacious bunch, boldly forging forward and seeking solutions and workarounds many of us never think twice about. It’s no wonder that studies have shown that they show higher levels of creativity!

Here at Rocketbook, we proudly offer reusable notebooks for lefties. After all, some of the greatest thinkers, talents, and personalities throughout history have been left-handed: Mozart, Marie Curie, Neil Armstrong, Leonardo da Vinci, Joan of Arc…the list goes on and on. We can only imagine what they might have accomplished with a Rocketbook!

Here are three lefty-friendly Rocketbooks you can use to harness your genius, change the world, and seal your place in history books — or at least enjoy a comfier writing experience!

1. Rocketbook Mini

A person writing a to-do list with the Rocketbook Mini


The pocket-friendly Rocketbook Mini is perfect for on-the-go lefties seeking an elevated take on a traditional portable notebook. After all, aside from the top-bound design, notebooks for lefties don’t have to be drastically different from their right-handed counterparts — sometimes, the classics are classics for a reason.

The Mini is the best notebook for left-handers who enjoy jotting down quick notes and doodles throughout the day. Whether you’re a private detective following a lead, a journalist covering a beat, or a poet capturing your thoughts, you can always depend on the Mini to be your go-to writing companion. 

When you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your project, upload your notes to the cloud instantly with the Rocketbook app, erase the pages with a damp cloth, and start fresh with a clean notebook. It’s like owning an infinite supply of notebooks for lefties!

2. Rocketbook Flip

The Rocketbook Flip with sketches that have been shared to a smartphone

That Mini is looking pretty sweet, right? But maybe you’re wishing there was something similar but bigger. Say no more! The Rocketbook Flip delivers the same top-bound style so you can utilize the entire sheet of paper and enjoy the beautiful freedom that comes with being able to write uninhibited and uninterrupted by intrusive spirals that desperately want to form an impression on your hand. 

The Flip letter size has 32 standard-sized pages (8.5 in. x 11 in.), and the Flip executive size has 36 pages (6 in. x 8.8 in.). Both of these notebooks for lefties also include your choice of blank sheets or lined and dot-grid templates so you can create exactly how you create, whether that’s writing the next great American novel, sketching a portrait of your pet, or *yawn* taking notes during a lecture.

3. Rocketbook Orbit

The rocketbook Orbit with pens and modular Page Packs

The Rocketbook Mini or Flip are the best notebooks for left-handers seeking the classic notebook experience, only infused with our innovative tech that allows for endless reuse and instant digital uploading. The Rocketbook Orbit is a reusable legal pad that offers similar features, but it’s also in a galaxy all of its own.

The Orbit is unlike our other notebooks for lefties in that you can use its modular components to build your own version of utter legal pad perfection. Our Page Packs come in a vast range of configurations so you can transition seamlessly between styles. 

 Whether you’re writing a song or scheduling weekly appointments on a planner template, the Orbit puts you in the captain’s seat. The top-bound design ensures that lefties can enjoy a delightful writing experience, and the ability to switch out pages on the fly really lets you focus on the immediate task at hand while also allowing for a fluid, dynamic workflow.

Get Your Left-Handed Rocketbook

Each of these notebooks for lefties offers its own unique benefits and are suitable for different applications. If you’re not quite sure which one to choose, we recommend getting all three! That way, you can completely go paperless and embrace the future of notebooks. Not only will you appreciate the cutting-edge upgrades, but you’ll feel good about using eco-friendly products.

Lefties — we salute you (left-handed, of course)! Now that you’re familiar with the best notebooks for left-handers, it’s time to ditch the old and switch to the new. Questions? Check our FAQs or contact us anytime. You’ve tried the rest, now get the best! Order your Rocketbook today, and see how we’re improving notebooks for lefties worldwide.



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