Best, Worst, & Funniest Customer Comments

The Rocketbook customer happiness team has seen some things.

Here’s what a normal interaction with our customer service team looks like:


Pretty great, right? But every once in a while a customer comes along that leaves a lasting impression with a poetic turn of phrase. Or rather, a lack thereof. In these cases, the comments might be good, bad, or just plain funny.

We deemed it wasn’t fair to keep these memorable comments and messages from customer to ourselves, and so today–for the first time ever–we’re sharing the best, worst, and funniest comments by Rocketbook customers.

The Best

Comments like these make us blush…but sometimes for the wrong reasons.



Love at First Write | Let’s break Erin’s review down. At first it’s an exceedingly nice compliment to our notebooks. Thanks, Erin. After reading the entire review– however–we realize this has somehow turned into one of the ultimate disses of all time involving a notebook. And for that, Erin, we salute you.



A Notebook Evolution | This tweet got us thinking…what would a caveman do with a Rocketbook notebook? Maybe they’d sketch out a wooly mammoth attack. Or maybe they’d share cave drawings with the tribe via the Rocketbook app. Or they’d find it useless because they had no written language and phones didn’t exist. Now that we think about it, that’s probably the most likely outcome.


Disclaimer | Rocketbook notebooks are not a suitable substitute for dog food…usually.

The Worst

Reviews like these make us cry–sometimes out of joy, but sometimes out of fear.



Coming 2025: Rocketbook Husband | Here at Rocketbook, we call this “the hat trick”. Lost your cloth? Ok, you can use a paper towel to erase. Grabbed the wrong pen? No problem, you’ve still got time to realize before spilling some ink. Ruined a page? My friend, you’ve got yourself a hat trick.


Bad Spidey Sense | We can’t show you what’s blurred. That’s enough to tell you it’s not good. That and the fact that they were fired.


Bad Blood | Oh no. Why? How?

The Funniest

This is what you’ve been waiting for, laugh it up.



Trouble Afoot This is foreshadowing at it’s peak. In the first tweet, Megan informs us that she mistakenly received a foot file…which means that someone out there has a Rocketbook notebook and is missing their desperately needed foot file. What comes next in Megan’s second tweet is unnecessary violence, an unwarranted attack on some poor, innocent Amazon customer. Just brutal. (Unrelated: Crusty Feet would be a spectacular band name.)


Bob | bob ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑


Smell Ya Later | We don’t know what to say here. We’d obviously like to dispute the idea that our notebooks smell like farts. And we’d like to vehemently dispute the idea that they smell like an entire stack of farts. On the other hand, hey, we’re glad they love the idea of our notebooks.

What Have We Learned?

There’s no shortage of entertaining, engrossing, and plain old gross comments for the Rocketbook Customer Happiness team to respond to. Luckily for us, our team is full of energetic, helpful teammates who strive to make your experience with us as wonderful as possible.

So for every comment gone astray, there’s tons of comments that are pure bliss. See for yourself:



If you want to contact the Rocketbook customer happiness team, you can email us at or message on social media at @getrocketbook.

Get a behind the scenes look at how Rocketbook values customer feedback in our Behind The Innovation series below.



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