E01 | The Betterment Experiment

E01 | The Betterment Experiment

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In This Episode

In the second podcast episode of The Betterment Experiment, Rocketbook co-founders Joe and Jake discuss the positive and negative impacts of implementing Everyday Unplugging impacted their lives.

As a reminder, last episode Jake and Joe argued about which time management life hack they should test out, and our audience voted for Everyday Unplugging.


This episode, Joe and Jake argue about a necessary evil that's a part of everyone's daily workflow: email.

“You're treating your inbox like a social media feed. You're the CEO of Rocketbook!”  -  Jake (14:07)

As always, you can vote on which life hack you want Joe and Jake to test out on themselves. Then, listen in to the next episode where they'll discuss their findings!

Email Time Blocking

The email management method works like this: block out time during your day designed strictly for answering emails. Do not respond to any emails outside of this allotted time, as this method is meant to prevent emails from spreading and taking up the majority of your workday, thus destroying your productivity. 

Email Time Blocking is based on the philosophy that emails should not dictate your daily schedule. 

Inbox Zero

This email management method works like this: every time you check your email inbox, work your way through each and every email until your inbox is completely empty. Keep in mind that working through each email may include deleting, responding, or moving to a "needs future response" folder. However, by the end of the day, you must respond to each email in that folder as well. 

Inbox Zero is based on the philosophy that emails should not take up space in your brain, and by always bringing the inbox to zero, you eliminate that mental clutter. 

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Episode Breakdown

(00:29) -- Intro

(1:04) -- Recap last episode's debate and winning experiment

(1:40) -- Share Findings

(7:16) -- A more realistic way to implement Everyday Unplugging

(10:08) -- Break

(10:21) -- Intro to Debate: Email Management Techniques

(10:40) -- Email Time Blocking Pitch

(11:40) -- Inbox Zero Pitch 

(15:34) -- Debate Wrap-Up

(17:28) -- Bonus: Email Bankruptcy

(18:33) -- Vote at vote.GetRocketbook.com

(18:56) -- Subscribe, Rate, and Review

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