First Ever Rocketbook Think Tank

First Ever Rocketbook Think Tank

"Pizza, beers and product ideas - somebody call the cops because the Rocketbook innovation party is out of control." - Joe Lemay, Rocketbook Founder and CEO

On Friday, May 11th we hosted our first focus group in Boston, Massachusetts with 50 ultimate Rocketbook fans. Our goal was to discover how customers are using our product and take action on their wants and needs. Not to mention we gave out samples of our latest product the Everlast Mini, which will be available for purchase on and Amazon in June 2018.

So what did we learn from this event? Well, first of all we learned that our customers are the greatest. As Joe says, “we consider the Rocketbook community to be an extension of our R&D team." We operate on a C2B (consumer to business) model, meaning that we build our products based on what you ask for and what makes your life easier. We tested which Frixion pens you prefer writing with, how easy it is for you to use new features in our app, and what kind of pizza you do and don’t like.

Head of Product, Steven Chen, put it perfectly when he noted, “We make improvements by constantly going out and learning from our community, not by sitting behind a computer screen.” Every development we make is thought out and based on user feedback. You are the inspiration behind everything we do.

We’re very grateful for everyone who attended the event and gave us their honest feedback and look forward to hosting more in the future. Couldn’t attend, but still want to give your feedback? Check out our User Suggestions page.

first ever rocketbook think tank
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