Get Your Sh*t Together, with Smart Lists

Turn your to-dos into interactive checklists.

A half-eaten granola bar, spilled coffee, a doodle from two weeks ago…it’s usually a good thing to minimize desk clutter. However, some things you want to keep around, like to-do lists and reminders! If you’re worried about your lists getting lost in your everyday shuffle, fear not. Rocketbook’s Smart Lists feature can help you stay calm and organized.

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Keep reading to see how our Smart Lists feature will make your daily notes look and feel … smarter!

What Are Smart Lists?

Smart Lists is a feature in the Rocketbook app that allows you to create digital versions of lists made in your Rocketbook notebook. Our OCR technology automatically detects any list items (signified by a square) and transcribes your tasks onto a new screen within the app!

How Do Smart Lists Work?

To use Smart Lists, make sure you turn Smart Lists ON in your OCR Settings. Then create your list using left-aligned hollow squares before each item, like this:

☐ Get astronaut suit dry-cleaned
☐ Repair rocket thrusters
☐ Buy more dehydrated ice-cream

When your list is complete, scan your page. You will be prompted to a new screen where you can add your tasks to the Smart List of your choice. Alternatively, you can create a new Smart List for a specific purpose. Once you select your preferred List, your tasks will be automatically added and saved. You can access your Lists at any time in the Rocketbook app to check items off and view your progress!

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Don’t worry if a few of your items weren’t scanned, as you can always manually edit, add, and delete list items in the app. Once the app has scanned your list, you can send your scan to a destination for safekeeping (although this isn’t required!).

Still not sure how to get Smart Lists on your device? Visit our Help Center for an in-depth tutorial.


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Using Smart Lists

Now that you know how Smart Lists works, let’s get to the fun stuff: using this feature to help get your shit together. Thanks to multiple studies, we know that writing by hand helps with better learning and retention. Plus, writing lists by hand helps clear your cluttered mind (and desk).

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Once you handwrite your list and scan with the Rocketbook app, you can use Smart Lists to keep track of items you check off. Keeping an on-going list will allow you to refer back to ongoing tasks whenever you need, right at the touch of your fingertips. Don’t forget that you can also use the Rocketbook app to send your list to any of your favorite cloud destinations for safekeeping! It’s the power of digital organization, in the palm of your hand (literally).

Smart Lists Examples

Not sure where to start with your Smart Lists? Here’s some inspiration:

  • Daily Productivity: A pile of 529 post-it notes isn’t helpful. You need a way to organize all your tasks in a clutter-free way. Use Smart Lists.
  • Shopping Assistance: You’ve arrived at the grocery store, and can’t remember if you needed to buy milk. Use Smart Lists.
  • Mental Firepower: You’ve got great ideas. You don’t have time to type them up, but need to store them for later. Use Smart Lists.
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Quiet moments with a pen and a piece of paper is a form of self-care, people! Keeping to-do lists doesn’t need to be stressful thanks to Smart Lists. Now that your a Smart List expert, go add “get your shit together” to your to-do list, and promptly check it off.

At this time, Smart Lists are not transferable to other list-making apps such as Apple Reminders. If this is a feature you’d like to see, feel free to upvote it here:


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