Integrating Google Drive with Your Rocketbook App

Integrating Google Drive with Your Rocketbook App


Google Drive is a great organizational tool to keep your work, classes, personal life, etc. organized. Integrate your Google Drive account with your Rocketbook app and your notes will scan directly into your preferred folder - just like magic! Follow the step-by-step setup process outlined below to set-up Google Drive as one of your app Destinations.

Step 1: Choose Google Drive As A Destination

Open your Rocketbook app and select Destinations at the bottom right of the screen. You will see seven symbols appear, these represent your seven destinations that can be set up. Select one of the symbols and the below options will appear. Select Google Drive to begin setting up this integration with your preferred email address. You’ll need to know which email address is connected to the current Google Drive account you’re using before setting this up.

After your selection, you will see a popup asking for your permission to connect the Rocketbook app to Google. Select Continue to continue setup.

 Rocketbook Destinations Rocketbook Integrations


 Step 2: Choose Your Google Account

Next, you will be directed to a screen that shows your Gmail accounts currently connected to your phone. If your account does not automatically appear, select Use Another Account and set up a pre-existing email address you wish to use.

 Google Drive Login


Step 3: Select Your Google Drive Folder

Once you’re connected to your preferred Google account, a new screen will appear that shows the existing google drive folders. Either select the folder you’d like to set as a destination, or create a brand new google drive folder. If you choose to create a brand new one, please note that this folder will appear immediately in your google drive, no matter what device you access it on.

Once your folder is selected, you’ll see its name appear under your email address at the top of the screen. At this time, tap Save at the top right corner.

 Google Drive Folder


Step 4: Consider Destinations Settings

Congrats, your Google Drive Destination is now set up! To get the most out of this destination, explore your Destination Settings. Here you can decide if you want your scans to be PDFs or JPGs, if you’d like to bundle your scans, and if you want to set up Auto-Send.

Tip: To update your Google Drive folder, tap directly on the “Change Folder” text beneath the Google Drive logo.

 Google Drive and Rocketbook


If you have any additional questions about setting up google drive with your Rocketbook app, please send us a note at


Carlos Maya
Carlos Maya

I have the same problem as Patrick. After installing the App and sign ing with my e-mail I haven’t been able to setup Google Drive as destination as it always falls back to e-mail.
If I try to login with google account I cannot even sign in. After selecting google account as my login method the App goes back to the login screen

Patrick Cashmore
Patrick Cashmore

Just purchased a rocketbook, and when I sync my Google drive account, it does not go to another window allowing me to create a folder. Just defaults to emailing everything to my google email.

Heather Richards
Heather Richards

Is there a way to access to a shared to me file from google drive? This way all of my group can contribute pictures to this file? I don’t see a way to get to my shared to me files on destinations and this will cause my group members to not be able to contribute. Do you have any suggestions to work around this?

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