Last Giveaway of 2021!

***UPDATE 1/3/2022: A winner has been randomly selected, and the giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Chuck Tyler!*** 


There are 3 special things we need to mention right away.

(1) The first special thing is that we're hosting a giveaway. That's special because it means you could get free Rocketbook stuff which is always cool, like getting exactly what you want on Christmas morning or winning the lottery. 

(2) The second special thing is that it's our very last giveaway of 2021. That's special because the last of anything is always cool, like the finale to a movie trilogy or game 7 of the NBA Finals. 

(3) The third special thing is that this giveaway is an app exclusive. That's special because being part of a select group is always cool, like being on a VIP list for an underground party.


How To Enter The Giveaway

There's one way to enter the giveaway. Follow us on one of any of these:

  • Follow us on Facebook (for tips and tricks)
  • or YouTube (for product hacks)
  • or Instagram (for examples of how others use their Rocketbook notebooks)
  • or TikTok (for fun videos)

You just need to follow us on one of those. Click any of the names of those social media platforms to be sent to that app to follow us. Or just search @getrocketbook on the app (search @rocketbook on TikTok). 


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What You'll Win

  1. Rocketbook Everyday Planner (this just came out a few weeks ago)
  2. Rocketbook Capsule (a folio cover that fits any Rocketbook notebook)
  3. 3-Pack of Pens (to help you write and erase more notes)


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Thanks for using the Rocketbook app, thanks for being a Rocketbook customer, and good luck in the giveaway. If you have any questions, you can email us at!


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