Rocketbook Mess-Ups (And How to Fix them)

Dr. Rocketbook is in the building.

Is your Rocketbook notebook suffering from:

You may not be entitled to compensation for these issues, but today we’ll be walking you through some common Rocketbook mishaps and giving you advice on how to get your injured notebook back on its feet. So grab some band aids, steep some tea, and prepare to give your notebook some TLC.

Keep reading to learn about these common Rocketbook mess-ups and how to fix them:

1. Notebook Won’t Scan

The Mess Up

We can’t say for sure that every scanning difficulty is because of the scanner’s technique, but some common user mistakes will prevent our app from saving your notes when you need to. And let’s face it, when meetings are stacked up like pancakes, there’s no time to waste trying to figure out what’s up with your notebook. So save time (and frustration) with these quick fixes…

The Fix

Not every scanning issue is the same, but here are some scanning best practices to keep your scanning seamless:

And you’ve found it, Jeremy.


2. Used a Wrong Pen in the Notebook

The Mess Up

There comes a time when every Rocketbook user faces the panic of an imposter pen. The ink is already dried on the delicate pages of your Rocketbook notebook when you realize the pen you’ve trusted, the pen who’s been with you through it all, the pen who was supposed to be the one, isn’t who they claim to be. They’re not an erasable FriXion pen at all. They’re a fraud. And worse yet, they’ve left a seemingly permanent mark on your Rocketbook notebook. But fear not…

The Fix

Imposter pens are a common, but fixable Rocketbook mess up. There are some things you can try to rid your pages of incompatible ink. Grab a small cotton swab and one of the following: rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, or bleach. Then softly scrub the ink you want to remove. We recommend testing this on a small section of your page first because some of these cleaners can remove the dots, lines, or symbols from your page, which can affect the page’s ability to scan.

You’ve come to the right place, Justine.


3. Ink Disappeared

The Mess Up

If you’ve left your notebook in a hot car, placed it too close to your fireplace, or pulled it out to take some impromptu notes in the tanning bed, heat can actually erase your Rocketbook notebook (that’s how the Wave works). It’s true. Some places are simply too hot for a Rocketbook notebook to handle. Don’t worry though, this only occurs in extreme heat like near a bonfire, or at a disco inferno (lukewarm discos should be ok). But fear not, your notes can be brought back to life…

The Fix

With time travel, sort of. If your notes have disappeared in a heat wave, throw your Rocketbook notebook in the freezer. Think we’re kidding? FriXion ink works by turning invisible when faced with heat friction from an eraser (other heat conditions have the same effect). By putting your notebook in the freezer for a few hours, the ink’s pigment will return and your notes will be good as new. Only a little colder than normal.

You nailed, Theresa. Believe in yourself!


4. Forgot to Scan BEFORE Erasing

The Mess Up

You’ve just written the most important and revolutionary notes of the century. As you marvel at the beauty of your perfect scribblings, you instinctively pick up your spray bottle and erase. As the ink washes away, you realize you’ve forgotten to scan. Your perfect notes are gone forever! Unless…

The Fix

No, they’re really gone. Even though the notes can’t be resurrected, you can prevent this mistake from happening again. Add a checkbox to the top right corner of your page as a reminder to scan before erasing. Draw the checkbox in permanent ink so it won’t erase when sprayed, and only check the box once your notes are safely stored in the cloud, protected from an untimely H20 demise.

Oh no! We’ve all been there, Lisa.


5. Microwaved the Wrong Notebook

The Mess Up

You saw the Shark Tank episode. You marveled at Rocketbook co-founders Joe and Jake’s pitch. A notebook that erases in the microwave? You laughed at the prospect. “But hey, if it’ll save a few trees, why not get one yourself”. You scribble some notes on the pages and excitedly throw it in the microwave. As the microwave beeps, you open the door in horror. Your cool new notebook is a curled, melted mess. So what went wrong?…

The Fix

Not every Rocketbook notebook is meant to be erased in the microwave. In fact, most Rocketbook notebooks aren’t meant to be put in the microwave. The only notebook that erases this way is the Rocketbook Wave. If you don’t have the Wave, keep your notebook away from the microwave! Unfortunately, there really isn’t much you can do to salvage a melted notebook. Your best bet is purchasing a new notebook, and if you think you’ll be tempted to put that in the microwave, just get a Wave!

Uh oh.


Clean Up on Aisle 3

Whether notes have disappeared, pages are stained, or you’ve managed to find an end to “endless” reusability, screwing up your notebook stinks (and if you’ve accidentally cooked your notebook, it will literally stink). Hopefully with these fixes, your notebook will be good as new. And if a mishap you’ve experienced isn’t in this blog, we encourage you to check out the Rocketbook Help Center with articles on every possible Rocketbook injury or email us at where our Rocketbook medical professionals can provide free notebook care advice.



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