Rocketbook Presents: Shark Tank Rewatch

5 years ago we were laughed off shark tank...

May be an image of 2 people, indoor and text that says 'ROCKETBOOK PRESENTS: SHARK TANK RE-WATCH RSVP> ations DARK MAY 28 METE? TPM EST'

...Now it's 5 years later, and we're getting our revenge. Just kidding.
But we are forcing our co-founders to rewatch their Shark Tank episode together for the first time ever since appearing on the show in 2016.
So sit back, grab some popcorn, and tune in to our official Rocketbook Shark Tank rewatch this Friday, May 28th at 1pm EST. 

You can RSVP to the live event on Facebook here:

Tune in here:

☉ You can RSVP to the live event on Facebook here:

Launch Date: Fri, May 28th
Launch Time: 1:00pm EST 

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