Rocketbook Show & Tell

New, shiny, hacks from real customers.

We all played Show & Tell as kids in elementary school. The instructions were simple: (1) Show off your brand new, shiny Buzz Lightyear toy and (2) Tell the class that he speaks if you press the red button and wait for them to “ooh” and “ahh”.

Of course, the show and tell item didn’t have to be a Buzz Lightyear toy. It could have been a pet dog. Or a Rubik’s cube. Or even…a Rocketbook Hack.



We asked the universe’s best and brightest productivity experts to play some show and tell with their favorite Rocketbook hacks. Keep reading to be transported to your 1st grade classroom and enjoy Rocketbook Show & Tell:

  1. Custom Page Templates from Pammila
  2. Scan Anywhere from Jessica
  3. Homemade Pen Holder from Jenny
  4. Magnetic Bookmarks from Kami


1. Custom Page Templates


“Ooh” and “aah” as Pammila shows you how she creates custom planning templates in her Rocketbook Core.


Become a professional Rocketbook page designer. Well, not professional but still.



  • Brainstorm an idea for a custom template to add to your notebook.
  • Sketch out your template with a Pilot FriXion pen (so you can erase any mistakes).
  • Trace over the lines in Sharpie to lock-in the template.
  • Write on your template! When it’s time to erase, the template (in Sharpie) will remain while your writing (in FriXion ink) will disappear.

2. Scan Anything, Anywhere


“Ooh” and “aah” as Jessica shows you how she creates a Rocketbook frame that can scan anything, from anywhere. (Also listen to her incredible accent, which could be a Show & Tell entry on its own).


Scan anything, anywhere. Like a textbook in Antartica. Or a post-it in the Himalayas.



  • Cut out the middle of a Rocketbook page with an exacto knife, leaving just the border of the page, the QR code, and the destination symbols at the bottom.
  • Add a laminating pouch over the Rocketbook page you cut up for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Place anything you’d like to scan–a book, a post-it note, a business card — under the newly modified page, and scan away as normal.

3. Homemade Pen Holder


“Ooh” and “aah” as Jenny shows you how she keeps her pen attached to her Rocketbook mini at all times using a binder clip.


Bring your pen wherever you go until you get sick of it and need a little pen break.



  • Attach a binder clip to the back cover of your Rocketbook notebook, on the side you want to store your pen.
  • Slide the pen cap into the space created between the binder clip and the Rocketbook notebook cover.
  • Remove the pen by sliding it out when it’s time to take some notes.

4. Magnetic Bookmarks


“Ooh” and “aah” as Kami shows you how she keeps her pen attached to her Rocketbook mini at all times using a binder clip.


Split up your notebook into sections with non-stick, magnetic bookmarks. Genius.



  • Buy a magnetic bookmark off of Amazon in your style.
  • Place them on the top of a page in your Rocketbook notebook to quickly and easily find a specific page or two split your notebook into sections.
  • Or place them on the side of a page to attack Cloud Cards or a microfiber cloth without adding unnecessary bulk to your notebook.

Note: Since these bookmarks are magnetic, there’s no sticky residue that will damage your page or impede any future writing.

Class Dismissed

That’s it for show & tell today. We hope you had a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” for the custom page templates, scanning tricks, homemade pen holders, and magnetic bookmarks.

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