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Rocket Labs 003: Homemade Beacons

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Hi, I’m Brian S. Friedlander, a professor of education at St. Elizabeth University in Morristown, N.J. who helps students find technology that makes learning more accessible. I started using Rocketbook 7 years ago and enjoy using it to share notes with colleagues. In my free time, I collect fountain pens and Swiss Army knives.

Today’s Lab: Homemade Beacons

Learn how to create homemade Beacons with materials in your junk drawer. You’ll be able to conveniently scan anything on the fly, even if you don’t have a Rocketbook notebook or official Rocketbook Beacons.



How It Works

  1. Place a piece of orange tape in each of the four corners of what you’re scanning. Fold the tape over the corners, so each piece of tape makes a triangle covering the edges.
  2. Or, use an orange marker to draw triangles in each of the four corners of what you’re scanning.
  3. Open the Rocketbook app and go to the New Scan screen. Swipe left to enter Beacons mode.


It’s that simple. Now you can scan any notecard, whiteboard, or paper with some orange tape or an orange marker. 

Here’s Brian putting his own idea to good use:

Once you adhere the orange tape to each corner, scanning is easy.

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