We Just Launched The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook on The Grommet
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We Just Launched The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook on The Grommet

Posted by Joe Lemay on

Today’s the day! The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook just launched on The Grommet!

Learn more about the inspiration behind The Rocektbook Wave below.


Since 2008, The Grommet has launched more than 2,000 consumer products in 16 consumer categories. Only 3% of all products considered by The Grommet are selected. The Grommet launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed. Grommets are products with purpose by people with stories to help us all #buydifferently.

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  • I purchased this after seeing it on CBS “Sunday Morning”…I thought – HOW COOL…I take notes at every meeting and what a great way to assemble, sort, save and revisit important notes. I am not too savvy on the other cloud services but will learn how to best utilize this with team dynamics in Google docs. I purchased 4 books and gave them to my teammates. Others have been asking about my “notebook” at meetings with clients and prospects alike showing amazing interest.

    Can’t wait to erase everything for the first time :)

    Sean Nitzen on

  • I found the rocketbook via a pin on pinterest of the grommets video, and I instantly fell in love.
    This is the product I’ve been dreaming of!! I love putting pen to paper, how therapeutic it can be writing and putting my thoughts and todo’s someplace visible but I tend to get frustrated and tear out pages in my millions of notebooks that arent just right, or have seemed to sneak their way into a subject notebook that should have had its own ‘home’ so to speak.

    love. LOVE.love the concept you’ve created! I will be purchasing soon and cant wait to put it to use and share this incredible technology with everyone else. You will be saving me unfathomable amounts of time and money with this concept. Once I’m able to play around with the app and features I will absolutely be sharing this product with others that could benefit by using the rocketbook. My ever-growing team of girls in network marketing and direct sales will no doubt love this just as much as me and hopefully will help spread the word of rocketbook like wildfire!

    Nikki on

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