Send a (Last Minute) Holiday Card with Rocketbook

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4 easy steps to spreading holiday spirit.

Ready to wow your family and friends with a handwritten digital holiday card? Check out this 4-step tutorial for sending a letter with a Rocketbook notebook and the Rocketbook app.

We know the holidays are busy (and cards aren’t exactly eco-friendly), so send your holiday cards this year with Rocketbook.


Step 1: Write a Letter to a Loved One (...or an acquaintance...or Oprah)

First, decide if this digital letter will be sent to multiple people or to just one specific person. Next, get writing! Be sentimental, be funny, and be creative. Or if you're none of those things, at least try to write neatly. Throw some sketches in the letter, or funny cartoons—why not?


Step 2: Scan Your Letter

Open the Rocketbook app and select the destination you wish to send your card to. The destination can be someone’s email address, phone number, etc. Use as many colors in your letter as you’d like, our app will auto-crop and color-pop you card. Say that 5 times fast.


Step 3: Share your Card via Text, Email, etc.

After you’ve scanned, send your handwritten card to the destination you set up! Congrats, you've just sent holiday cheer to loved ones near and far instantly. 


Step 4: Erase and Write Your Next Letter!

When you’ve finished one card, erase with water and start again! Feeling lazy? Erase only the person’s name from your first letter, and rewrite the name for each new card. It's okay, we won't tell.


Mission accomplished.

1 comment

Brianna Cash
Brianna Cash

Rocketbook you continue to amaze me. I have utilized this for so many things. My favorite thing to do is putting my knitting patterns down and saving those. I was writing them in a notebook and spilled coffee on it and lost my patterns. I can’t wait to get this for my sister for her graduation present from college. This is my go to for everything. Love you Rocketbook!!!!!!

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