Using Rocketbook Beacons in the Classroom

Using Rocketbook Beacons in the Classroom

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With Rocketbook Beacons, our goal is to turn classroom whiteboards into more dynamic and effective teaching tools. 

Whiteboards in the classroom are extremely simple and effective tools for teaching - you already know that! But what happens to the rich content on the whiteboards after class ends? For the most part, lessons are erased and forgotten.

That’s where Rocketbook Beacons come in!  These reusable, restickable adhesives attach to any whiteboard and transform it into a “smartboard” when used with the Rocketbook app.  Below, are three reasons why Beacons can effective in every Educator’s classroom.

#1: Beacons digitally capture, save, and share your whiteboard sessions

Using the Rocketbook app to scan a whiteboard with Beacons allows you to quickly capture and send an intelligently cropped and enhanced image to a cloud destination, such as a shared Google Drive folder.  Educators can share this folder with their students, other teachers, and parents, so that everyone can easily access the contents covered in class. There’s no need to do the “share button shuffle” or share a camera photo with all this noise in the background.  Just scan the board, pick a destination, and send.

Beacons on Whiteboards

#2: Beacons help give quick, real time feedback in class

When we visited classrooms and talked to teachers, they mentioned the importance of providing students real time feedback. Addressing a mistake or a misunderstanding was done best immediately. One of the coolest features introduced in the app related to Rocketbook Beacons is Snapcast Mode.  In that mode, Educators have the ability to take a Beacon scan and quickly share it via a link.  Imagine having students working on an in-class team assignment and then having the ability to immediately showcase their work to everyone else on a projector or TV by simply scanning a board.

Beacons in the Classroom

#3: Beacons are affordable and easy to use

We’ve seen those really cool smartboards like the Microsoft Surface Hub and the  Google Jamboard. While they have a lot of exciting technology and features, they’re super expensive - the Surface Hub starts at $8,999 and the Jamboard costs $4,999 (plus a $600 annual fee).  In addition, they require a lot of training and beg the question - is this fancy technology really necessary?

At the end of the day, educational products should be simple tools that help teachers teach and students learn better. 




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1 comment


I love the beacons! I use them in my online math class. I have a small whiteboard that I write notes on live, then I share the screenshots on my website for students to reference later on. I only wish they would sync up more quickly…5-10 seconds can feel like forever… But I know that’s asking a lot!

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