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Using Rocketbook Beacons at the Office

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Rocketbook Beacons help teams collaborate efficiently, share ideas instantly, and make progress faster.

Here at Rocketbook, many of our awesome teammates work remotely. While working from home is a great perk of modern technology, it can sometimes pose collaboration challenges. When it comes down to it, the easiest and most effective way to brainstorm and organize ideas as a team is to whiteboard. But what happens when you can’t be in the same room? 

We’ve all done the webcam workaround where the whiteboard shows up blurry, backwards or becomes more of a distraction than a tool. And sure, there are alternatives like Smartboards, but those are pricey and don’t fit directly into your existing workflow. Enter Rocketbook Beacons! 

We created Rocketbook Beacons to help teams collaborate efficiently and share ideas instantly. Beacons are inexpensive and easy to use unlike those $5,000+ smart boards. So how do Beacons work? Great question. 

With Beacons and the Rocketbook app, clean images of your whiteboard brainstorm can be sent directly into popular cloud services that you can easily access later. 

Beacons come in a set of four re-stickable triangles. Place the Beacons in the four corners of your whiteboard and download the Rocketbook app. After you’re done with a brainstorming session, scan your beacon-clad board and send it to a shared cloud service destination where your teammates can view them easily, anytime. Better yet, send it to Slack or Trello and have conversations concentrated there. 

Beacons Snapcast Mode provides a live snapshot of your whiteboard and helps improve collaboration with remote teams.

But wait, how do Beacons provide webcam workaround? This is where Snapcast mode comes in. Our mobile app’s Snapcast mode sends live snapshot updates of your whiteboard to a URL that exists just for you. Share that URL with your teammates and they’ll be able to view your whiteboard in real time. Beyond dramatically improving the ease of collaboration, Snapcast mode allows your whole team to access and download scans after the meeting via your individual URL, any of our integrated cloud storage options, or you can send PDFs directly to their emails with the touch of one button. 

Snapcast Mode

At Rocketbook we set out to make a product that will improve speed, efficiency, communication, and collaboration for every kind of team. 



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1 comment

John C. McCormack
John C. McCormack

New user. Really enjoying it. Need to learn all of the functions. Love the ingenuity of your product line.

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