Welcome to the Family, Everlast Mini

Welcome to the Family, Everlast Mini

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Posted by Andie Missert on July 12, 2018

The latest addition to the Rocketbook family is here - the Everlast Mini! In case you missed our wildly successful Indiegogo campaign for this new product, we wanted to let you know all about its features and perks.

The Baby is Always the Favorite

First, the Everlast Mini is (obviously) smaller in size compared to our other Everlast products. The Mini is 3.5 in x 5.5 in, which is perfectly pocket-sized for on-the-go notetaking adventures. In comparison, our Everlast Executive is 6 in x 8.8 inches and our Everlast Letter is 8.5 x 11 inches. The baby of the family is always the favorite, right?

Just like the other Everlast products, the Mini is infinitely reusable and pages can be erased easily with a moistened cloth. One slight difference is the location of the binding on the Mini. Left-handed humanoids rejoice because the Mini’s spiral binding is on the top rather than the side! Existing Rocketbook users do not fear, the Pen Station also works seamlessly with the Mini and keeps your pen and notebook together at all times.

welcome to the family everlast mini


Where Did My 7 Symbols Go?

One thing you might notice about the Mini, compared to the Everlast Executive and Letter, is that 7 symbols are not shown at the bottom of the page (insert freak out emoji). Don’t worry - this was intentional! With the Mini’s smaller physique, we wanted you to have plenty of room for your on-the-go notes. While the symbols are not there, all the same scanning features and capabilities exist. Just scan and determine where to send to within the app, rather than checking a symbol off within the notebook. 

Using the Mini In the Wild

The Mini can easily be tucked in a pocket and brought on any adventure. Here are a couple awesome examples for how to use the Mini in the wild:

  • Drawing constellations under the moonlight
  • Writing quick to-do lists
  • Jotting down grocery lists
  • Rating wines at vineyard tastings
  • Writing secret love notes, then erasing them
  • Playing question and answer games, like our team likes to do
  • Drawing sketches of strangers on long commutes
  • Tallying the number of times Rocketbook uses space terms

We’re proud of this latest creation and are happy to have it join our awesome Rocketbook Everlast family.  We produced it based on your requests and are excited to share it with the whole-wide-supergalactic world. Already have a Mini? Share photos of your Mini being used in the wild with #EverlastMini on Instagram and Twitter.

Andie Missert is on the Marketing Team here at Rocketbook. She carries two Rocketbooks with her at all times and likes to decorate hers with stickers from places she's traveled to. Her favorite out-of-this-world fact is that space actually smells like seared steak. 

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Is there a mini with side binding?

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