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Rocketbook Beacons

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You can now launch your old whiteboards into the digital future with Rocketbook Beacons! These four restickable, reusable Beacons convert your writing surface into a portable whiteboard by integrating with popular cloud services in the free Rocketbook app.

  • Set of 4 Beacons
  • 2.5-inch triangles
  • Fluorescent orange
  • Restickable Yupo adhesive
  • Wash with soap and water
  • Free Go-Pack carry case
How It Works

To use your portable smartboard, simply place your Rocketbook Beacons on the four corners of your dry-erase surface. The adhesive backing will keep it in place, even if you move the whiteboard around.

Start taking notes or doodle away! Use the Rocketbook app to take pictures of your notes and sync them with your favorite cloud services. You can also share your notes with others in real time!

Add digital stickers and images to your notes with the app for a fun and portable interactive whiteboard experience. Create widgets that link directly to websites and other online resources. This is a great way to easily access information that you need while you're working on a project.

And that's it! Turning your portable whiteboard into a smartboard from the future is as simple as that!

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    Rocketbook Beacons allow you to capture, organize and broadcast important notes, diagrams, and big ideas on any whiteboard or wall surface in real time. No need for expensive new hardware and software. Just four restickable "beacons" for any sized surface and one futuristic smartphone app that connects with many of the popular cloud services you already use. The result is a portable smartboard for real-time brainstorming, collaboration, and more!


    For crucial missions with a scattered crew, the app allows you to share your whiteboard in real-time. Switch to “Snapcast” mode, share the unique URL and get ready to collaborate with your team anywhere in the world. Your private, real-time page is updated every time you scan your portable whiteboard. Or simply prop your phone facing your whiteboard and set the app to auto-scan every 5 seconds.

    • Write


      First, place the four Beacon quadra-triangles in each corner of a whiteboard or your preferred writing area. Do your best to make it straight, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Now you’re ready to write and explore groundbreaking ideas with your crew the way you normally would.

    • Digitize


      Got an iPhone or Android? Prepare to harness the future of notes in the palm of your hand. Use the free Rocketbook app to configure popular cloud services as your scan destinations. We’ve partnered with some of your favorite services, but you’re welcome to stick to good ole email too!

    • Snapcast


      If your team is scattered, you can stream your portable whiteboard in real time! Turn on “Snapcast” mode, share the unique URL with your team, and get ready to collaborate. Your private, real-time page is updated with each scan of your whiteboard. Or opt for the auto-scan feature when you prop your phone facing your whiteboard and allow the app to scan every 5 seconds.

    • Relaunch


      Is your next mission destined for a different whiteboard? No problem. Simply peel the Beacons off of your portable whiteboard and prepare for your next voyage. Beacons have a space-aged micro-suction surface that can not only be reused over and over but even cleaned of space dust with soap and water!

    Get The App!

    Our app for iOS and Android beams your notes and big ideas to the cloud services you already use!