25+ Orbit Page Pack Use Cases

Orbit’s modularity = improved workflow

Here’s a riddle: what do you call a legal pad that can be a daily or weekly planner, a blank slate, Cornell notes, graph paper, and more? The Rocketbook Orbit! The new (and modular) Orbit is equipped with different page packs to choose from, so you can have infinite note-taking options…right at your fingertips.


What are Page Packs?

Page Packs are removable sets of pages consisting of 20 sheets (40 pages, back and front) that can be swapped in and out of the Orbit. Each page pack is held together by metal rings that click into place on the Orbit for seamless swapping.


How To Use Page Packs

Page packs on the Orbit are swappable, so you can switch them in and out as you please. No matter what type of note-taking mission you’re embarking on, there’s a Page Pack for that (and they’re all endlessly reusable, of course)!

This is actually missing our newly available Blank Page Pack!


With 9 different Page Packs to choose from, there’s endless ways to use the Orbit’s modularity to propel your productivity. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of use cases for every Page Pack offered with the Orbit…

1. Lined + Dot-Grid

Lined/Dot-Grid Page Pack (Included with Orbit purchase)


Use Cases

  • Co-Founder Special: This first use case comes from Rocketbook’s very own co-founder, Joe Lemay. Use the lined pages for work–meeting notes or interviews– and the dot-grid pages for personal–to-do’s or grocery lists. It’s the mullet of notebooks: business on the front, party on the back.
  • Write a Screenplay: Use the dot-grid pages for storyboarding, then flip over your Page Pack to start drafting the script on lined pages. If you don’t like where the movie is going, just erase the page and start over, we won’t tell anyone.

2. Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner Page Pack


Use Cases

  • Plan Weekly Workouts: Can’t remember which day is arm day and which day is leg day? Don’t worry–you can map out your workouts in the weekly planner so you don’t look like a T-Rex from accidentally doing too many leg days.
  • Schedule Your Work Week: Keep track of meetings, deadlines, and important to-dos. Never miss a meeting again (even that Monday morning with Greg you keep “accidentally” forgetting about).
  • Create a Meal Planner: Schedule your meals for the week, organize your recipes, and keep a shopping list to make weekday dinners less stressful. And tastier!

3. Lined

Lined Page Pack


Use Cases

  • Remember Your Lists: If you find yourself making lists of random items to buy from Walgreens, this one’s for you. Never lose sight of that list again by writing it down and using the Smart Lists feature on the Rocketbook app to turn that list digital.
  • Write Your Novel: Start writing the chapters of your novel by hand. When you have some chapters ready to go, you can scan, transcribe, and upload them online for easy editing. Imagine if Shakespeare had that power!
  • Take Sketchnotes in Class: A lined page is a perfect place to take sketchnotes, a notetaking method that combines words and visual cues, like diagrams or sketches. Great for visual learners, sketchnotes aid in memory retention. 

4. Daily Planner

Daily Planner


Use Cases

  • Time Block Your Day: Organize your day using time slots with the time blocking method. Time blocking is a great way to eliminate wasted time in your day and to be as efficient as possible. 
  • Build a Vacation Itinerary: Be the type A person who plans out every minute of your vacation. Keep track of when you fly, where you’re staying, and what time you plan on eating dinner each night. Then, easily scan and send the schedule to your…less organized travel companions.
  • Write in Your Class Schedule: Getting into the swing of things at the beginning of the semester can be tough. Make sure you don’t get lost during the first week of school by writing down your class schedule. Never again will you be the random person who walks into the wrong class and then (awkwardly) moonwalks out.  


5. Graph

Graph Page Pack


Use Cases

  • Build a Front Yard: Map out your ideal front yard landscaping with bushes, hedges, and flowers down to the exact inch. Whether you actually go out and build that garden–well, that’s on you.
  • Draw a Perfect Triangle: Sketch perfect geometrical shapes for a class using graph paper. Once you can draw triangles perfectly, you might even be able to spell “Pythagorean Theorem” from memory.
  • Map Out an Invention: Did a million-dollar invention idea pop into your head? Snap in your Orbit graph paper page pack and draw out the prototype. That’s what our founders Joe and Jake would’ve done, but the Rocketbook notebook wasn’t invented yet, so they used a napkin.

6. Blank

Blank Page Pack


Use Cases

  • On-the-Fly Notes: Quick notes-to-self or reminders or small calculations can be perfectly done on blank pages. No need to take up a full sheet of paper for writing down an address.
  • Draw a Mural: Do people practice drawing murals before they paint them on walls in public places? We don’t know, but it sounds like it might be a good idea to practice it first. Take a blank page and go for it–and unlike a wall, you can erase your mistakes!
  • Play Heads Up: Why play the game Heads Up on your phone when you could make your own word cards with Rocketbook? Write the word for the other player to guess on the front page of your Orbit blank page pack, and go nuts. Once they’ve guessed it, erase and have them do the same for you. Endless (and erasable) fun!

7. Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes Page Pack


Use Cases

  • Memorize a Speech: Prepare a speech by matching “cues” to detailed talking points for prepared, but not memorized speech. For extra public speaking thrust, use the summary section to wrap up your thoughts.
  • Memorize Vocabulary: Cornell notes pages are set up well for writing key words and definitions. If you’re memorizing anatomy vocabulary or learning a language, keep a few pages of Cornell notes to build out a word bank.
  • Study for Exams: Because the Cornell notes method makes you summarize main points, reviewing your notes is a great way to study on its own. After taking Cornell notes during class, revisit your pages to soak in all the information.

8. Dot-Grid

Dot-Grid Page Pack


Use Cases

  • Sketch Blueprints: Use the aid of a dot-grid page to rough sketch the remodeling you are planning to do in your home. Or (if you want to be really hardcore), sketch the blueprint for an entire dream house that you want to build.
  • Design Clothes: Sketch your ideas for a new dress or outfit using the subtle guide of a dot-grid page. And remember–this isn’t Project Runway, so you can take your time (and erase if you need).
  • Finish Your Math Homework: Math homework is tough, but completing it on an erasable dot-grid page makes it (more) fun. Use the dots to guide you as you draw any graphs or diagrams, and easily erase them if you mess up.

9. Music

Music Page Pack


Use Cases

  • Write an Original Song: Do you have a new melody stuck in your head? Transport those notes from your brain and to the page on the music staff page pack. What are you waiting for? Go compose the world’s best space-opera!
  • Practice Your Lettering: Use the music staff as a guide for sizing your letters, just like you did back in elementary school. You can even use the Rocketbook app to scan your letters and create your very own font.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Copy down the notes for your part of a song that you will be playing at your next gig. Not only will copying the notes down help you remember where you come in, but having a page for reference will be helpful at your next practice session.


Page Pack Party

There’s many more ways to use each of the Orbit Page Packs to your notetaking advantage. Remember to pair up different Page Packs and swap them in and out throughout the day for a versatile notetaking experience. Also, make the most of the Orbit’s modularity by keeping the page you’re writing on as the very top page.


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