We Put 2 Women on the Jumbotron

Rocketbook strikes again.

Rocketbook’s very own Product Team, Sarita Lewis and Anna Frederikse, dishes on their lifelong dream of being featured on a jumbotron in front of 37,000 people. Plus, they explain how they achieved their goal one sunny July afternoon…dressed as astronauts.

Q: So Sarita and Anna, first off congrats! Getting on the jumbotron is a major accomplishment!

Sarita: Thank you! I’d say we’re pretty proud of ourselves.

Anna: It was an amazing moment. We’re basically celebrities at this point.


Q: Definitely. Have you dreamt of this moment for a long time?

S: Only my entire life.

A: Definitely a life-long dream. It’s the most important part of baseball.


Q: Fenway Park is a pretty cool place, but they don’t allow bags. How did you sneak the astronaut suits in?

A: Just like being on the jumbotron, it was a team effort.

S: Classic misdirection. A point in the opposite direction, exclaiming “what’s that!?”, and it was all too easy to distract from the neon orange suit tied around my waist.


Q: Why do you think the cameras turned to feature you?

A: Having a friend is always the key to success — and great dance moves!

S: And I think being fluorescent definitely helped.


Q: Two years ago, a different Rocketbook employee made it onto the jumbotron. How did that employee–who may or may not be writing this– inspire you with his incredible jumbotron presence?

S: It definitely gave us big shoes to fill. We knew that only the presence of not one but two astronauts would be able to match that performance.

A: The pressure was on, but I think we did them justice.


The celebration following the jumbotron appearance.


Q: Your dance moves were pretty sick, where’d you learn those?

S: Years spent in front of the mirror, playing Sweet Caroline on repeat, practicing for this moment.

A: We drew a lot of inspiration from the fellow Red Sox fans. Boston’s got moves.


Q: Do you think you’ll ever be on a jumbotron again?

S: I hope so, I don’t know if I’ll be that cool ever again.

A: I think another Rocketbook employee should carry on the tradition. Third time’s the charm!


Q: Last question, what advice do you have for anyone looking to get on the jumbotron?

S: Bright colors and constant movement are key.

A: Get your whole crew involved. You get everyone in the stands dancing, and the cameras can’t resist.

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