5 Genius Ways to Use a Think Board X

We just made whiteboards cool.

Whiteboards don’t just belong in a dusty old school classroom. They belong in your home, at your desk, and on your wall.

On our continued mission to rescue the world from boring writing surfaces, we partnered with Think Board to create a removable, scannable, cloud-connected whiteboard: introducing the Think Board X. This peel and stick whiteboard can be placed on any flat surface to transform your boring wall into a productivity paradise. Then, scan the Think Board X with the Rocketbook App to transmit your dry-erase into cyberspace or use Snapcast to share your notes in real-time with the whole galaxy.


Use these 5 ways to get the most out of your Think Board X for all your note-taking, planning, and taking over the galaxy-ing:

1. Habit Tracking

2. Teaching Remotely

3. Brainstorming

4. Grocery Shopping

5. Family Calendar

1. Habit Tracking

Location: Stick the Think Board X in a place where you can’t miss it, for instance on the ceiling above your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.

Purpose: Placing your updated progress in your face will motivate you to stay on track with your habits. Use the Think Board X for self-improvement by checking off each time you complete a daily habit. 

Bonus Tip: Since the Think Board X is powered by Rocketbook Beacons, once the habit tracker is filled up, scan the whiteboard before erasing so you can look back and reminisce about how far you’ve come (or marvel at how little you’ve done).

2. Teaching Remotely

Location: Setup the Think Board X in a room with good lighting or whatever space you usually use for distance learning.

Purpose: In a recent poll of Rocketbook’s teacher community, 71% said they wished they had whiteboard at home. Think Board X is the genie that’s here to grant that wish. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install, so it can be used during a video lesson with your students as a visual aid. Write your lecture notes on the Think Board X like you would an old-school whiteboard, and scan the board after the lesson to share the final product with your class.

Bonus Tip: Use the cloud-connected capabilities of the Think Board X to supercharge your remote teaching skills. Check out our YouTube channel to learn how to create a Khan Academy Style video lesson with Snapcast to share with your students.

Learn the basics of Snapcast mode.


3. Brainstorming

Location: Place the Think Board X on your desk. That’s right, stick that futuristic white rectangle of idea generation smack down on your desk.

Purpose: Having a whiteboard on your desk a power only few can handle. With the Think Board X on your desktop, take notes on it like you would a notebook, but with that smooth feeling only a dry-erase can offer, and with a little extra space for even your biggest ideas. Scan your whiteboard and our machine vision will auto crop and color pop your brainstorm to be shared instantaneously with your remote team or any cloud destination you prefer.

Bonus Tip: Don’t keep your brilliant ideas to yourself, share them with the galaxy! Learn how to combine Snapcast with Google Hangouts or Zoom to share your handwritten whiteboard content with your team.


4. Grocery Shopping

Location: Put that Think Board X right where it belongs: on the fridge!

Purpose: You open the fridge. You pick up the milk. It’s too light *gasp*. You close the fridge. You add milk to your grocery list because your grocery list is a whiteboard stuck to your fridge. Nothing could be easier. Then, before leaving for the grocery store, scan the list for you to refer to while shopping instead of keeping a poorly-scribbled on, crumpled piece of paper in your pocket.

Bonus Tip: Your grocery list shouldn’t take up the whole Think Board X (which is 10x12in), so you’ll have some extra space for doodles. Draw a picture of your pet, a scene from a sci-fi movie, or what you think an alien looks like.


5. Family Calendar

Location: Stick the Think Board X in a shared space where everyone in the house has easy access to.

Purpose: Create a weekly calendar on the peel and stick whiteboard to be used by the whole family. Keep it updated with events, plans, and reminders so everyone can see what everyone else is up to. You can even make a habit to Snapcast the Think Board X every time an event is added so that anyone can access the calendar at any time from anywhere, even the moon (disclaimer: not actually the Moon only because there’s no wifi up there).

Bonus Tip: Colors don’t just spice things up, they can be useful, too. Color code the calendar by matching an event up with the person that’s involved for extraordinary organization.

Mission Debrief

Now you’ve got a strong set of five ways to utilize the world’s first peel and stick whiteboard powered by Rocketbook Beacons. Pick a location, find your purpose, and start tracking, teaching, innovating, shopping, or planning. Then scan, save, and send your whiteboard content to any cloud destination before erasing and starting the process over.

Get your hands on your very own Think Board X and find more tips on using the Rocketbook app. Whiteboards are white-boring. Help us change that.

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