Label All Your Scans, with Smart Tags

Organize your notes (and filter by topic).

It’s happened to all of us: our desks get overloaded with notebooks, coffee mugs, and pens scattered in every direction. Just like how the History page of the Rocketbook app gets overloaded with scans in disarray. Well, we’ve got good news (for your app’s History screen, not for your desk): Rocketbook’s Smart Tags feature lets you categorize scans for easy organizing and access.

Note: You must update the Rocketbook App to version 3.3 to use Smart Tags. 

Keep reading to learn more about how our Smart Tags feature will help you label all your scans!


What are Smart Tags?


How do Smart Tags work?

Add a Smart Tag to any scan in the Rocketbook App.


Smart Tags will also be sent to many of the Cloud destinations your scan is sent to. That means if add the Smart Tag “Q3 Projects” to a scan, that tag will carry through to when you send the scan to your Trello, Box, or Evernote.


The Smart Tag “Algebra 2” was sent from the Rocketbook App to Evernote.


Don’t worry if you added the wrong tag, as you can always manually edit, delete, and add tags in the app. You don’t have to add Smart Tags to every scan either, it is simply an option.


Using Smart Tags

Smart Tags help organize your scans into categories.

That’s why we created Smart Tags, so finding scans in the Rocketbook app can be a delicious experience. Once you scan something with the Rocketbook App, you can use Smart Tags to label it for easy access. Being able to filter notes by category gives a boost to your organization, one tag at a time. Don’t forget that you can also use the Rocketbook App to send your tagged notes to any of your favorite cloud destinations! It’s the power of digital labeling, in the palm of your hand (literally).


Smart Tags Examples

  • Multitasking Pro: There’s work life, then there’s home life. Those notes are very different, but equally important. Add Smart Tags like “Work” and “Personal” to make sure meeting notes don’t get mixed up with your kids’ schedules.
  • Wellness Expert: With meal planning, workout schedules, and meditations to keep track of, it can be difficult to stay zen. Use Smart Tags.
  • Organization Guru: If you already use tags
  • Star Student: At first glance, it’s hard to tell History notes from Psychology notes. With an exam in a few days, you need to find your notes ASAP. Search your scans by Smart Tags to quickly find all scans tagged “Psych” or even “Chapter 8”.
See Smart Tags in action!

Get Smart

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