Dear Shark Tank, | A Rocketbook Love Letter

We need to talk.

This is a love letter from Rocketbook to Shark Tank, written for Valentine's Day. (Zoom in to read, full text version below).

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Dear Shark Tank,

It’s been 1,372 days since we last saw each other. (Not that I’m counting).

And on this Valentine’s Day, I’m writing to let you know how well I’ve been doing without you. To let you know I’m the one that got away. And that I don’t miss you.

In the time since our brief — just 8 minutes — yet passionate coupling, I’ve been in relationships with over 60,000 backers from seven different crowdfunding campaigns for reusable notebooks. Sorry if it hurts to hear that, but I want you to know that I’ve moved on.

dear shark tank a rocketbook love letter

When I look back at our old photo albums, I have this daydream that we're still together and you come home late one night. It's raining, and my Everlast campaign just became the most crowdfunded office product of all time. I'm waiting to surprise you with a cake to celebrate, and we laugh all night together.

If only you hadn’t pushed me away, we could’ve enjoyed becoming Amazon’s best-selling notebook together, as one like we always planned.

But, I'm glad that never happened. Really. I swear I don't miss you.

Instead, I went out and did it on my own!

To be honest, I hated feeling like I was always pitching you something. Like I had to convince you to stay with me. Now, I’m my own person and I don’t need anybody to decide my worth (with a valuation).

Sure, we had good times, like when you told me I was "brilliant" and "amazing". But, let's admit it, there were bad times, too. Remember the fight we had right before breaking up? You said "I'm out". That's when I knew it was really over.

We could have been so good together. But I'm glad we're both happy. And that I'm doing so well.

Love, Rocketbook. ❤

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