Digital Detox: How to Take a Break From Your Devices

Digital Detox: How to Take a Break From Your Devices

Posted by Kelsey Calef on February 2nd, 2018 

Undoubtedly, you've heard of all the negative effects gradually chipping away at us from constant exposure to devices. Sleeplessness, anxiety, headaches, and distraction are only the beginning of device overexposure. Instead, set aside time to detox so you are regularly giving your eyes and brain a vacation from the constant labor of technology.

Be conscious of screen time:

Of course, no one intends to waste time on social media when they are supposed to be working. Things get slow and you turn to another website or app. Make sure you're getting your work done first so you can use your time elsewhere instead of online.

Use an app timer:

Ironically, to help break you of app addiction and remind you there is more to life than scrolling through timelines... BreakFree, Moment, Offtime, and Flipd are great options.

Get a notebook:

Write your ideas down instead of using a computer or tablet. If you are concerned about having to copy your work back over to the computer, consider using a Rocketbook which can easily link back to a device, while acting like a physical journal.

Leave your phone behind at lunch:

While many workaholics don't take a lunch, they should! It can clear your head and improve your productivity. Take a risk and go without your phone for 30 minutes. Force a device detox if you have to!

Lights out after 9pm, including screens:

Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it. After you set your alarm, it is ideal to give yourself a couple of hours away from any screen. Ever wonder why you can stay up till 3am binging The Office versus reading a novel and only making it 2 chapters before passing out? Your brain needs time to unwind, so after you set your alarm, do it a favor and read instead of scroll.

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