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E03 | Inbox Zero

November 11, 2019 2 min read

E03 | Inbox Zero

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In This Episode

Experiment Results

In the third podcast episode of The Betterment Experiment, Rocketbook co-founders Joe and Jake discuss the benefits they gained from using Inbox Zero to clean up their email inboxes and reveal the hacks they used to adapt to its drawbacks. 

"I was missing a method for going through my inbox. Inbox Zero completely eliminated the chaos that was giving me anxiety and causing me inefficiency in my workday" - Jake (2:20)

As a reminder, last episode Jake and Joe argued about which email management method they should test out, and our audience voted for Inbox Zero.

By diligently monitoring their email inbox, they found themselves with less stress, more time and starting to relentlessly block spam emails. Additionally, Joe started sending his emails on a delay and Jake decided to declare complete email bankruptcy. After sharing their experiences, they offer a modified version of Inbox Zero for our listeners to try out for themselves.


This episode, Joe and Jake argue about the best way to reduce a poison from your life: stress.

“Meditating sounds like a 15-minute nap, how do you get any work done?” - Jake (15:05)

Morning Exercise

This stress relief technique works like this: as soon as you wake up, start exercising--specifically, cardio exercise. No breakfast. No answering emails. Right away, get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Starting your day with exercise before 6am builds a routine, gives you energy, and ultimately improves your mood for the day. The endorphins released during exercise are scientifically proven to relieve stress, and make you more productive in the process, Jake argues. 

Daily Meditation

This stress relief technique works like this: twice a day (once in the morning once in the afternoon) you meditate for 15 minutes. Specifically, Joe is pitching mindfulness meditation, which focuses on breathing to put your mind at ease. Setting aside time to relax and clear your head will remove the never-ending spiral of thoughts clouding your mind, which Joe attributes to Jake's insomnia. Daily Meditation trains your brain to have better control of your thoughts and mood, and ultimately reduces stress. In response, Jake deems this method "hocus pocus". 


As always, you can vote on which life hack you want Joe and Jake to test out on themselves. Then, listen in to the next episode where they'll discuss their findings!


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Episode Breakdown

(00:23) -- Intro

(00:53) -- Recap last episode's debate and winning experiment

(2:14) -- Share Findings

(3:57) -- A more realistic way to implement Inbox Zero

(11:30) -- Break

(11:48) -- Intro to Debate: Stress Relief Technique

(12:10) -- Morning Exercise Pitch

(13:30) -- Daily Meditation Pitch 

(17:10) -- Debate Wrap-Up

(18:00) -- Vote at vote.GetRocketbook.com

(18:21) -- Subscribe, Rate, and Review

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