How to Start a Conversation with an Attractive Stranger Using Rocketbook

How to Start a Conversation with an Attractive Stranger Using Rocketbook

Step 0. Opt for good grooming and wise wardrobe choices on any day you might make your move. Even a Rocketbook can’t save you from ill-fitting pants and a porn ‘stache.

Step 1. Always have content pages that will make you seem cool ready to go in your Rocketbook.
If you want to seem smart, write up a super complicated differential equation. If you want to seem artsy, draw a cute or thought-provoking sketch. If you want to seem sensitive, write a poem on the page of your Rocketbook and draw doodles around it. You get the picture.


Step 2. When you spot the attractive stranger, turn to your strategically good-looking page and surreptitiously pull out your phone. You want to be ready for whenever the attractive stranger comes close or looks your way.


Step 3. Pounce at the right moment. Wait, that sounds creepy. So don’t pounce for real. Just start taking page captures with your app. As you scan, move your arm back and forth in a smooth motion (as smooth as you want your game to be) and turn the pages of your book fluidly. The attractive stranger will be dying to know what you’re doing.


Step 4. Look up just in time to catch the attractive stranger looking curiously at you. When he or she does, smile and say “It’s a Rocketbook.”


Step 5. Wait for the stranger to take the bait. “What’s a Rocketbook?” the stranger will reply, giving you the invitation you need. You’ve just started your conversation.


Disclaimer: This advice may inadvertently lure unattractive strangers as well. Best of luck with that. The undeniable lure of Rocketbook is strong.

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