Use Your Rocketbook One with Any Pen!

Use Your Rocketbook One with Any Pen!

We get it. You're very particular. You want all the cloud-ready convenience that Rocketbook's seven symbol system offers, but you want to write with whatever you want. So we created the Rocketbook One. Write with pencils. Write with crayons. Write with lipstick if you want. We wear astronaut suits and put tequila and notebooks in blenders for fun. So, really...who are we to judge?

If you already have a favorite writing implement in mind, have at it. You already know what to do. Write, draw, or sketch whatever you want on the pages of your Rocketbook One and blast your pages to the cloud using our app. Unlike the Wave and the Everlast, Rocketbook One is designed for one-time use, and the pages cannot be erased.

What we love most about Rocketbook One is that you can centralize all of your writing and art to a single notebook. Use colored pencils today, quill pen tomorrow, a Montblanc the next day, watercolors next week...we honestly do not give a frack!

Rocketbook One with Colored Pencils Rocketbook One with Fountain Ink

Rocketbook One with Fancy Pen Rocketbook One Doodles with Paints

 The benefit to using Rocketbook One rather than an old-fashioned notebook is that the Rocketbook system lets you sync your data to the cloud. Also, if you spend time in extremes of heat (e.g., you live in Phoenix, and over the summer you like to park in the sun and leave your notebook in the car), books that require use of the FriXion pen are probably not for you.

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