Rocket Labs 002: Improve Formatting in OCR Transcription

Rocket Labs 002: Improve Formatting in OCR Transcription

Rocket Labs is a collection of hacks, tips, and tricks on how to better use Rocketbook products. Every Rocket Lab submission is from a real customer who came up with and shared their great ideas with us.

Hi, I’m Kristy, a UX designer who has used Rocketbook since 2020 and have since bought one for my 11-year-old son. I love technology, believe in its power to change the world, and am fascinated by what it can do to improve our lives.

Today’s Lab: Improve Formatting in OCR Transcription

Learn how to remove line breaks from text that’s been transcribed from your handwritten notes by the Rocketbook app. Using the Google Chrome extension below, you’ll be able to transcribe notes easier and more efficiently.

  1. Open the Rocketbook app. You’ll be sending your notes to Google Drive , so make sure that OCR Transcription is turned ON for that destination (although you can also send transcribed notes to your email).
  2. From the Destinations screen, choose to Send as Two Files that way you get a copy of your scan and a Google Doc containing the transcribed text.
  3. Scan your handwritten notes with the Rocketbook app, and send it to your Google Drive.
  4. Install the Google Chrome Extension: Remove Line Breaks.
  5. Open your Google Drive, and open the Google Doc containing the transcribed text from your scan sent in step 3.
  6. Click Add-ons from the toolbar menu, then click Remove Line Breaks, then click In selected text.

It’s that simple. Now your handwriting has not only been converted to text, but also it has been formatted to have no line breaks and be much easier to read and edit.

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