Using a Water Marker to Erase Pages

Rocket Labs 004: Erase with a Water Pen

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Hi, I’m Marcus Wu, a Software Engineer from Charlotte, North Carolina. I started using Rocketbook in 2017, when I contributed to the Indiegogo campaign. When I’m not working, I enjoy many forms of “making” including 3D printing and electronics.

Bonus Fact: I 3D printed a Curta calculator for Adam Savage (from the tv show MythBusters) and my work was featured in this video with over 1.8 million views where Adam lovingly calls me a “mad man”.

Today’s Lab: Erase with a Water Pen

Learn a new way to erase your Rocketbook notebook–instead of using a spray bottle and microfiber towel, erase small mistakes with precision by using a felt tip pen filled with water.


How It Works

  1. Purchase an empty/refillable felt tip pen online or at any office supply store website. You can also try searching for Water Doodle pens or water brushes.
  2. Open and fill the pen with water.
  3. “Write” over the notes you want to erase, which should smudge your writing. Then wipe away the water with a cloth or your finger to fully erase the mistake.


It’s that simple. Now you can erase extremely precise errors in your notes in an intuitive way that doesn’t accidentally erase notes you wanted to keep.


Here’s Marcus putting his own idea to good use:

Marcus, we love your idea and your handwriting.

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