Rocket Labs Binder Clip Pen Holder

Rocket Labs 005: Binder Clip = Pen Holder

Rocket Labs is a collection of hacks, tips, and tricks on how to better use Rocketbook products. Every Rocket Lab submission is from a real customer who came up with and shared their great ideas with us.

Hi, I’m Jenny Y. from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been using Rocketbook since the start of 2022 to stay organized, take notes, and doodle! I work in telecommunications, but in my spare time, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, bushwalking, reading, or buried in a craft project.

Today’s Lab: Binder Clip = Pen Holder

Learn how to attach a pen and microfiber cloth to your Rocketbook notebook for added storage with nothing more than a binder clip.

  1. Open your Rocketbook Mini (or any notebook) to the back cover.
  2. (Optional) Place a microfiber cloth on the inside of the back cover.
  3. Attach a binder clip to the back cover. Fold the binder clip down so the notebook can lay flat.
  4. Slide your pen’s clip into the space between the binder clip and notebook. (The pen should be snug, but easy to remove.)

It’s that simple. Now you can go anywhere with your notebook and always have a pen and microfiber cloth handy. All thanks to a binder clip.

Here’s Jenny putting her own idea to good use:

Who knew a binder clip could be such a game changer?

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